Working for resource and energy-efficient built environment

As participants in E2B2, researchers and social stakeholders collaborate to develop knowledge, methods, services and tools for more efficient energy use, and to advance building and living in society.

There are long-term global energy challenges, and built environment accounts for about one third of the total energy use in Sweden. Initiatives are needed to reduce energy use, and solutions in the field need to interact to ensure optimum results and utilisation.

E2B2’s vision is resource and energy-efficient built environment

E2B2 aims to contribute to a shift in the energy system as well as resource-efficient and energy-efficient built environment through research and innovation. Hence E2B2 includes research, development and innovation in the total energy use of buildings across their entire life cycle. Knowledge of people’s lifestyles, how people use energy at home, and what choices are made are also included in the programme.

It is possible to apply to E2B2 through calls for proposals twice a year.

Collaboration and knowledge building

E2B2 has now entered in its second programme period, which will last from 2018 until 2024. The Swedish Energy Agency (Energimyndigheten) allocates SEK 320 million in project funds to the programme, while sector stakeholders provide additional co-financing. E2B2 is conducted through a collaboration between the Swedish Energy Agency and IQS (the Swedish Centre for Innovation and Quality in the Built Environment).

E2B2 contributes to long-term knowledge building and attaches great importance to collaboration between the business world, society and academia. The programme welcomes different stakeholder types that can contribute to the development of energy-efficient building and living. Projects that involve co-financing and collaboration between different stakeholder groups are especially prioritised in the calls for proposals.

The E2B2 programme is committed to highlighting and benefiting from international collaboration. Several E2B2 projects collaborate with international projects and configurations.

Would you like to know more?

Please contact Anna Land at IQS:

Anna Land, Programme Director E2B2, +46 72-554 46 61